Microsoft Dynamics


The most successful businesses are powered by individuals who are contributing fully, able to make a difference, and committed to their company’s success. Mega ITC can help individuals – and organizations – realize their full potential and drive significant impact by offering an end to end business solution that is flexible and easy to use.


Proactive Applications—Better, Faster, Smarter


“Big data,” social connectedness, and contextual analytics present new opportunities for business applications insight, and open up a whole new range of possibilities for business. Modern business applications won’t just make individuals and organizations smarter, but will go beyond this to new directions and new levels of impact we are just beginning to imagine.

Business solutions from Mega ITC will help people not only integrate and understand these new types of data, but will also get to better answers with suggested actions so they can excel in the work they do. Mega ITC will achieve this by creating solutions that enable people to calculate and/or recalculate business possibilities in real time.

By focusing on connected, forward-looking systems, Mega ITC will allow people to access actionable information with greater speed and agility – enabling businesses to respond more efficiently, effectively and proactively to changing market conditions. Simple, powerful, agile business solutions from Mega ITC today empower people with rich, contextual analytics. Read the Dynamic Business white paper to learn about Mega ITC’s vision for the next generation of applications helping people make better, smarter decisions and achieve better results.


Connected Organizations—Better Informed People Make Better Decisions


Modern business solutions not only connect people inside and outside the organization, they also give them context and insight which drives better decisions and boosts productivity.

An important part of Mega ITC’s mission is to drive connections with people, with customers and with business partners across processes, data and the ecosystem in which organizations operate. This commitment to connected organizations includes our vision of anywhere, in-context collaboration services that link people and companies to the right people in the right place, in the right context, at the right time, through the right communications channel.


“Instant On” Workloads and Suites 

Traditionally, businesses have had to choose between best of breed solutions that could target a single workload or entire suites. The best of breed approach presented enormous integration challenges as the separate workload solutions rarely came from the same application vendor. The suites naturally delivered integration, but don’t support workload-at-a-time implementation.

To solve this problem, Microsoft Dynamics is evolving into a suite solution, composed of workload services that are designed together but can be deployed independently. Businesses can consume the Microsoft Dynamics technology in the model that works for them – as an integrated suite in a business or subsidiary, or workload by workload in larger enterprises, with the workloads together composing the simplicity of a suite.